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How an Employee Assistance Programme Benefits SMEs

Finding time to locate the most appropriate EAP provider, can seem impossible as you juggle your day-to-day business commitments.


Manage Health acts as your personal support team. Independent advisers will firstly talk to you about which service suits you best, and then do all the ground work for you.


With knowledge of - and access to - all the leading EAP suppliers in the UK, you can count on Manage Health to provide unbeatable employee support.


In working with you to set up the best EAP to match your needs, Manage Health helps you:



Having a trusted source of information to tap into, enables you to deal with life's expected challenges, as well as the unexpected ones.


“It has been my pleasure to work with Alyson at Manage Health on a number of occasions. She is just what every Sales Director would ask for. She knows both her products and her industry intimately. As a result, she is well respected and highly credible is all aspects of the sales process.


Integrity is a vital aspect for not only herself, but also who she represents. She also happens to be great fun to work with - what more could you possibly want?” Director – Marketing Company.


To find out how easy it is for you to access flexible EAP support, speak to Manage Health without delay.


Either call 0845 2222 208 to arrange a no-obligation quote - or complete the contact form today and an independent adviser will get back to you.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) for SMEs

Life is full of unexpected challenges. If you are a small to medium sized business, you’ll know the impact absence can have on the rest of your team.


As leading healthcare specialists, Manage Health can integrate a flexible EAP service into your organisation, offering employees access to a host of benefits including:



Putting an EAP in place serves as a safety net, a timely support structure to help your employees cope with life’s obstacles. And instead of a situation turning into a crisis, an EAP ensures your staff always have someone to turn to.

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