Once you help empower staff to address issues, your organisation benefits from reduced absence, increased wellbeing and a more productive workforce.


Take the first step by calling Manage Health on 0845 2222 208. You can also contact an EAP adviser for further information via email.

Employee Assistance Programmes ... to Promote Employee Wellbeing

With employee sickness and absence costing the UK over *17 billion pounds, (£600 per employee) supporting your staff through life’s challenges is a wise investment.


Manage Health, premier healthcare specialists, can arrange a host of employee assistance programmes (EAP) to help you manage employee health and wellbeing.


Focused on resolving everyday situations that affect work performance, an EAP gives your employees:


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Taking a Proactive Step to Stress Management

As an employer, you play a pivotal role in your employees’ health. When the unexpected happens, it makes good business sense to have systems in place to help your staff cope.


Only a phone call away, an independent adviser at Manage Health can:


Full Service EAP

Full Service Employee Assistance Programmes

EAPs for SME's

Employee Assistance Programmes for SMEs

EAPs for Corporates

Promoting Corporate Wellbeing Through EAPs

Critical Incident Support

Critical Incident Support for Your Employees

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Find out what else we can help you with

Through Manage Health, you can access a portfolio of employee assistance and wellbeing programmes including:

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As an accredited member of EAPA (Employee Assistance Programmes Association), Manage Health complies with EAPA’s code of conduct and ethics.


This means you benefit from exceptional service, as well as someone with the expertise to understand your needs and deliver solutions to meet them.


To improve your employees’ wellbeing, arrange a no-obligation quote with an experienced EAP specialist today.


*CBI 2010 Survey