Putting an EAP in place serves as a safety net, a timely support structure to help your employees cope with life’s obstacles. Instead of a situation turning into a crisis, an EAP ensures your staff always have someone to turn to.


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Helping Managers Support Staff

Managers often find themselves called upon to deal with a range of stressful and sensitive issues. Yet when managers feel out of their depth due to lack of experience or information, it may create unnecessary confusion and stress.


In these instances, it’s important for managerial staff to have access to confidential guidance if needed. This, in turn, ensures they effectively manage their responsibilities and support employees through a range of day-to-day scenarios.


Manage Health can support staff in managerial or supervisory roles by providing a specialist EAP service. Managers benefit, for example, from:



Whatever the issue confronting managers in your organisation, an EAP service allows you to address problems quickly, and put in place any measures needed to support employees through either a work or personal problem.


‘My experience of Manage Health is all positive. Alyson's vast experience in healthcare and EAP industries manifests itself in relationships and knowledge second to none.’ CEO – Health industry


By offering free counselling, you can dramatically cut stress levels and associated costs by 25%. As *studies confirm, workplace counselling

improves attendance and relieves the symptoms brought on by stressful events.


Speak to an independent EAP adviser at Manage Health today. Either call 0845 2222 208 or fill in our contact form for more information.



*Professor J McLeod,’ Counselling in the Workplace: The Facts.’ 2001 study.

Full Service Employee Assistance Programmes ... That Care

When dealing with life’s crises, it’s important to have someone to talk to. A full EAP support service gives everyone in your organisation a helping hand when they need it most.


Manage Health, through its UK network of EAP providers, can set up, manage and promote employee assistance programmes within your workplace.


This gives every employee access to:


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