Show Employees You Care by Providing Critical Incident Support

When tragedy suddenly happens, the aftermath can overwhelm everyone concerned. And as trauma affects people in different ways, it’s important to have systems in place to cushion the impact.


Manage Health helps you prepare for these critical incidents by:



With critical incident support in place, you not only help your staff and managers cope with a range of emotion, but also show employees you care.


By offering free counselling, you can dramatically cut stress levels and associated costs by 25%. As *studies confirm, workplace counselling

improves attendance and relieves symptoms brought on by stressful events.


Find out how to best manage critical incidents within your organisation, by contacting Manage Health today on 0845 2222 208 or complete the contact form.



*Professor J McLeod,’ Counselling in the Workplace: The Facts.’ 2001 study.

Critical Incident Support for Your Employees

When trauma strikes, such as natural disasters and sudden death for example, the impact on individuals can be devastating.


It’s imperative you take practical yet sensitive steps to manage any traumatic event affecting your staff. Manage Health offers critical incident support interventions to:



Manage Health has extensive experience in helping organisations anticipate and manage unexpected trauma in the workplace. Be prepared for life’s tough times, by speaking to an independent EAP adviser on 0845 2222 208.

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