Whatever challenges face your organisation, employee assistance programmes help your staff perform to their maximum potential.

A Range of Additional Employee Assistance Programmes

When you want to resolve workplace difficulties and promote employee wellbeing, early intervention makes a dramatic difference.


As renowned EAP specialists, Manage Health can arrange a host of EAP services for your organisation, drawing from a national network of recognised providers.


Through using EAP services, Manage Health makes it easy for you to:


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Manage Health offers a portfolio of additional support services including:

Occupational Health

Protecting employees’ health in the workplace

Wellbeing Events

Boost your employees' health and feeling of wellbeing

Health Screening

Detecting health issues to minimise risk

Stress Management

Manage and reduce work-related stress

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Health and Stress Audits

Identify risks within the workplace to improve health

Absence Management

Reduce short and long-term sickness absence

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Talk to an EAP specialist at Manage Health on 0845 2222 208. Alternatively, contact one of our independent advisers via email.